Sonni Zambino

Board of Directors - Sonni Zambino
Board Vice-President
Retired, Dentistat, Inc./, Inc.

Sonni is a retired Chief Information Officer and shareholder for Dentistat, Inc./, Inc. in Campbell, CA.  She spent the first 18 years of her life here in Grove City.  Her mother and grandmother were models for her, regarding community service, and they passed that "gene" on to her.  After college, Sonni went to CA to be the musical director at the Circle Star Theatre for Children but ultimately became a computer geek in the early 1980s, working exclusively for small niche software developers before landing at Dentistat/go2dental in 1996.

Sonni has had a seat on three national organizational boards -- OutWords, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and The National Center for Lesbian Rights -- and sat for eleven years on the board of a San Francisco non-profit -- Openhouse, providing services, community and housing for LGBT seniors.  When Sonni's wife died in 2017, she moved back to Grove City to be close to her lifelong best friends and to give back to this community for looking after her, her friends and her family.

Sonni's other community focus has been with the music, theatre and art programs through the Grove City Area School District, and this past summer she spent most of her Wednesdays as a volunteer for our Food for Kids program.

In the late 1970s, Sonni found herself in a dire financial situation.  She was living with two friends who were as poor as she was and only two of them had jobs.  Her friend Randy was doing singing telegrams and Sonni was working part-time at a family owned hardware store, and their combined income barely paid the rent.  Living close to a grocery store, they raided the store's dumpster a couple of times a week for food.  As Sonni says, "Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes..."

Since the early 1990s, Sonni's "children" have been her philanthropic endeavors.

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